CDS Column Comparison through FetchXML, SDK, and OData

Microsoft have announced the availability of Column Comparison in CDS-Based Queries .. well it is a very great great news ! Column Comparison is available for FetchXML, SDK API, and Web API. So how to use it: Operators Currently available for comparison: Equal NotEqual GreaterThan GreaterEqual LessThan LessEqual Supported Data Types: Text Lookups DateTime OptionsetsContinue reading “CDS Column Comparison through FetchXML, SDK, and OData”

Power Automate: Send approval email to external customer

#Power automate #Approvals #External Guests Approvals in power automate are very nice interactive feature to process requests and documents! They can be integrated with CDS, SharePoint online and Onedrive. Here is a link to creation of Approvals walk-though when an item is created in a sharepoint list! https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-automate/modern-approvals What about sending Approval to External GuestsContinue reading “Power Automate: Send approval email to external customer”

Integrate Microsoft Teams with CDS Model Driven Apps

Integrating Microsoft Teams with CDS entities is really useful features , so users on a specific Teams Channel can collaborate on a specific record and all shared documents can be automatically linked to the Teams channel and the CDS record. So let’s start by enabling the Integration: Go to Settings -> Administration-> System Settings 2.Continue reading “Integrate Microsoft Teams with CDS Model Driven Apps”

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