Power Automate and SharePoint ODATA Filters

One of the common issues being faced is dealing with ODATA filtration in sharepoint lists so I will be listing here common issues and how to sort them out: Filtering by Lookup: Example: You have a List called Tickets with a Lookup Column to another List called Ticket Types, Column Name TicketTypes to do theContinue reading “Power Automate and SharePoint ODATA Filters”

Save Outlook Attachment as SharePoint File or as DataVerse Email Attachment

This question has been going around on the power users community forums and I thought it would be nice to blog it because it is always gets tricky trying to save files from different data sources , so for this we have a single source the outlook connector and there is two destination. Sharepoint FileContinue reading “Save Outlook Attachment as SharePoint File or as DataVerse Email Attachment”

Display SharePoint Document Library on PowerApps Portal

So Simply I got this question today on the community forums and I actually liked the idea what if we do not want to enable sharepoint document integration with DataVerse and we have a PowerApps portals which is always connected to DataVerse and we want Simply to display a Sharepoint Document Library.. So the IdeaContinue reading “Display SharePoint Document Library on PowerApps Portal”

Building Flows #1 : Check if Item Exist and Update if Exists

I will be starting on a serious of Building flows blog articles for beginners and for topics that is frequently asked while working on the power users community forums. A common requirement will be that you are loading items from Source X to Destination Y, while you do not want to create Duplicates in DestinationContinue reading “Building Flows #1 : Check if Item Exist and Update if Exists”

Adding Conditions on a SharePoint List Choice Fields in Power Automate

I have a choice Column in a sharepoint list with Status Active/ Closed. I want to execute an action but only when an item is created/ Modified in the list on condition that it is only has status = Closed. So i added a trigger action when an item is created or Modified, Set theContinue reading “Adding Conditions on a SharePoint List Choice Fields in Power Automate”

Integrate Microsoft Teams with CDS Model Driven Apps

Integrating Microsoft Teams with CDS entities is really useful features , so users on a specific Teams Channel can collaborate on a specific record and all shared documents can be automatically linked to the Teams channel and the CDS record. So let’s start by enabling the Integration: Go to Settings -> Administration-> System Settings 2.Continue reading “Integrate Microsoft Teams with CDS Model Driven Apps”

Error while Creating SharePoint File

INVALID Template ! This is a very weird error message that happens usually with sharepoint connections for a very unknown reason , i tried removing and re-adding the Step , it did not work , i tried Changing the Connection and Re-authenticating but it didn’t work as well. The only Possible solution is to RecreateContinue reading “Error while Creating SharePoint File”

Create SharePoint File through Power automate

Have you ever run into an issue while create a sharepoint file using Flow ! The issue is that you see the file created in sharepoint and it can be attached and viewed in Emails; however it can’t be opened through sharepoint and when you try to download an Open it it gives the belowContinue reading “Create SharePoint File through Power automate”

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