2021 Release Wave 2: Tip#2: Advanced Lookup

A very nice featured introduced with Release Wave 2 that gives you the ability to filter data easily without the need to Customize special views and it makes it easy for users and gives the users the ability to add more columns to the advanced find view. On your Lookup -> Click on Advanced LookupContinue reading “2021 Release Wave 2: Tip#2: Advanced Lookup”

2021 Release Wave 2: Tip#1: Activate/Deactivate disappeared on work Order

So after enabling Release wave 2 on our environment , the Activate/ Deactivate Buttons have disappeared on the work order form , so after raising a ticket with MS Support Issue was very easy to fix, According to the below article this is a new settings on the field service that enables less ribbon buttonsContinue reading “2021 Release Wave 2: Tip#1: Activate/Deactivate disappeared on work Order”

Intercepting DataVerse Retrieve Multiple Message using Plugins

A couple of days ago we run into a strange issue on our environment on the the Queue Items view, where we have a column that displays the email description and instead of normally viewing the email description as plain text , it has been now shown as HTML tags which makes it impossible toContinue reading “Intercepting DataVerse Retrieve Multiple Message using Plugins”

DataVerse: Model Drive App: Open Custom Page as Model from Ribbon

Open a Model Dialog from DataVerse / Dynamics 365 Ribbon has always been a common requirement to overcome existing OTB Dialogs like Close Opportunity , Deactivate Record where we always wanted to include one or more custom fields. This feature is now becoming very handy and pretty easy … compared to the old methods tryingContinue reading “DataVerse: Model Drive App: Open Custom Page as Model from Ribbon”

DataVerse Quick Tips#2: Trouble Shoot insufficient Permission Message

Have you ever been presented with a weird permission issue but you were unable to really get what is the real permission issue is and wonder why life sometimes is too complicated? You do not have {0} permissions to access {1} records. It would be very simple and approachable if you can get to knowContinue reading “DataVerse Quick Tips#2: Trouble Shoot insufficient Permission Message”

Saving a note attachment to Azure Blob storage and Viewing it on PowerApps Portals

I have been Exploring with Olena (https://msolenacrm.blog/) how to enable the azure storage on PowerApps portals and she has figure out and detailed on her article how to enable azure blob storage on PowerApps portal so when a note is uploaded from portal it is saved to Azure blob storage and that’s worked perfectly fineContinue reading “Saving a note attachment to Azure Blob storage and Viewing it on PowerApps Portals”

Save Outlook Attachment as SharePoint File or as DataVerse Email Attachment

This question has been going around on the power users community forums and I thought it would be nice to blog it because it is always gets tricky trying to save files from different data sources , so for this we have a single source the outlook connector and there is two destination. Sharepoint FileContinue reading “Save Outlook Attachment as SharePoint File or as DataVerse Email Attachment”

Embed Canvas App In a Model Driven App

USE CASE: So the problem I came into is that we have run out of Rollup fields on the account entity as we have reached the maximum no of 10 rollups per entity and what we needed is to display a list of counts on the form so instead of creating unnecessary fields and workflowContinue reading “Embed Canvas App In a Model Driven App”

DataVerse Quick Tips#1: Hide Related Tab

What is getting Displayed on Dataverse Model App Related Tab? You can view Audit History, Related activities and any 1:N or N:N relationship How to hide the OTB Related Tab on Dataverse Model Driven App? Easy ! Go to your Solution Open your Entity Go to Forms -> Open your form and Click Switch toContinue reading “DataVerse Quick Tips#1: Hide Related Tab”

Business Central Virtual Entities In DataVerse

#BusinessCentral #DataVerse #VirtualEntities #Lowcode The use of “Virtual entities” is very useful in seamlessly integrating external data sources into DataVerse and Dynamics CE. A virtual entity is a custom entity in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement that has fields containing data from an external data source. Virtual entities appear in your app to users as regularContinue reading “Business Central Virtual Entities In DataVerse”

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