Dynamics 365 + DataVerse Insert Dynamic Email Template

Creating email templates helps you save time and increase productivity while sending the same email style by having some of the information prefilled , There is Out of the box shipped email templates with Dynamics 365 but it has a lot of limitations when it comes to the dynamics parameters in your template which makesContinue reading “Dynamics 365 + DataVerse Insert Dynamic Email Template”

2021 Release Wave 2: Tip#2: Advanced Lookup

A very nice featured introduced with Release Wave 2 that gives you the ability to filter data easily without the need to Customize special views and it makes it easy for users and gives the users the ability to add more columns to the advanced find view. On your Lookup -> Click on Advanced LookupContinue reading “2021 Release Wave 2: Tip#2: Advanced Lookup”

2021 Release Wave 2: Tip#1: Activate/Deactivate disappeared on work Order

So after enabling Release wave 2 on our environment , the Activate/ Deactivate Buttons have disappeared on the work order form , so after raising a ticket with MS Support Issue was very easy to fix, According to the below article this is a new settings on the field service that enables less ribbon buttonsContinue reading “2021 Release Wave 2: Tip#1: Activate/Deactivate disappeared on work Order”

DataVerse Quick Tips#2: Trouble Shoot insufficient Permission Message

Have you ever been presented with a weird permission issue but you were unable to really get what is the real permission issue is and wonder why life sometimes is too complicated? You do not have {0} permissions to access {1} records. It would be very simple and approachable if you can get to knowContinue reading “DataVerse Quick Tips#2: Trouble Shoot insufficient Permission Message”

Invoke D365 OTB word templates from Power Automate

One of the nice features available out of the box is the ability to generate Word Templates in an easy way while using customer engagement apps (Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Dynamics 365 Field Service, Dynamics 365 Marketing, and Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation). But not usually you need to generate or useContinue reading “Invoke D365 OTB word templates from Power Automate”

Save and Retrieve DataVerse Email Attachments in a Canvas App and Power automate -(Prepare Attachments List) Part 1

In this article I will be providing a step by step instructions where the user can create DataVerse email activity with attachments on a PowerApps Canvas app using power automate. So we start by a creating a new Canvas App through make.powerapps.com and we are going to Start with a Blank App and Call itContinue reading “Save and Retrieve DataVerse Email Attachments in a Canvas App and Power automate -(Prepare Attachments List) Part 1”

CDS: Environment Variables

Have you ever wondered where you can keep your configuration settings while using Dynamics 365 or CDS? Old way we used to do it was to use a new custom entity to store such Global settings but I have discovered this feature which has been introduced to solutions which is called Environment Variables. You canContinue reading “CDS: Environment Variables”

Power Automate: Share Record using Unbound Action

Sharing Records in CDS/ Dynamics CDS automatically based on a specific action??!!! we used to write Custom Workflow Activity or some kind of plugin to Achieve it which may take some hours to develop deploy and Fix. Well ! NO CODE 1 Step workflow can achieve this! By using the Common Data Services ( CurrentContinue reading “Power Automate: Share Record using Unbound Action”

Update Active Directory from CDS Data

I have run into an issue where I wanted to get the Active Directory Users information to be updated regularly as it is used in the Organization Wide Signature, so the ONLY way is to open the office portal info or the azure portal and update the user information there. But this requires Administration accessContinue reading “Update Active Directory from CDS Data”

Show Quick Create for your entity in Model Driven App.

On the entity Level make sure the entity is enabled for Quick Create; Go to your Solution Click on the Entity and in the Data Services Section -> Tick Allow Quick Create 2. Go to your Model Driven App and Make sure the entity is added as well as the Quick Create form. 3. SaveContinue reading “Show Quick Create for your entity in Model Driven App.”

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