DataVerse: Model Drive App: Open Custom Page as Model from Ribbon

Open a Model Dialog from DataVerse / Dynamics 365 Ribbon has always been a common requirement to overcome existing OTB Dialogs like Close Opportunity , Deactivate Record where we always wanted to include one or more custom fields. This feature is now becoming very handy and pretty easy … compared to the old methods tryingContinue reading “DataVerse: Model Drive App: Open Custom Page as Model from Ribbon”

DataVerse Quick Tips#2: Trouble Shoot insufficient Permission Message

Have you ever been presented with a weird permission issue but you were unable to really get what is the real permission issue is and wonder why life sometimes is too complicated? You do not have {0} permissions to access {1} records. It would be very simple and approachable if you can get to knowContinue reading “DataVerse Quick Tips#2: Trouble Shoot insufficient Permission Message”

CDS: Environment Variables

Have you ever wondered where you can keep your configuration settings while using Dynamics 365 or CDS? Old way we used to do it was to use a new custom entity to store such Global settings but I have discovered this feature which has been introduced to solutions which is called Environment Variables. You canContinue reading “CDS: Environment Variables”

Show Quick Create for your entity in Model Driven App.

On the entity Level make sure the entity is enabled for Quick Create; Go to your Solution Click on the Entity and in the Data Services Section -> Tick Allow Quick Create 2. Go to your Model Driven App and Make sure the entity is added as well as the Quick Create form. 3. SaveContinue reading “Show Quick Create for your entity in Model Driven App.”

Integrate Microsoft Teams with CDS Model Driven Apps

Integrating Microsoft Teams with CDS entities is really useful features , so users on a specific Teams Channel can collaborate on a specific record and all shared documents can be automatically linked to the Teams channel and the CDS record. So let’s start by enabling the Integration: Go to Settings -> Administration-> System Settings 2.Continue reading “Integrate Microsoft Teams with CDS Model Driven Apps”

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