Power Automate and SharePoint ODATA Filters

One of the common issues being faced is dealing with ODATA filtration in sharepoint lists so I will be listing here common issues and how to sort them out: Filtering by Lookup: Example: You have a List called Tickets with a Lookup Column to another List called Ticket Types, Column Name TicketTypes to do theContinue reading “Power Automate and SharePoint ODATA Filters”

PowerApps Portals: Advanced Form Multistep on different (tables) entities

This article is inspired by a community question where it was required to have a multistep advanced form across different entities on the PowerApps portal, While it is pretty straight forward while you are in the Create of the application but it gets bit tricky on the Update Part let me explain the business scenarioContinue reading “PowerApps Portals: Advanced Form Multistep on different (tables) entities”

Power Apps Portals: Beginners #1: Create List Web Page with Create and Update Actions

This article will cover quickly how to create a new web page that shows a list of records from a table. In this scenario we need to display applications list and add the 2 actions to Create and Edit the application record. Step 1: Create an List (Entity List – Previously) Go to Portal ManagementContinue reading “Power Apps Portals: Beginners #1: Create List Web Page with Create and Update Actions”

Intercepting DataVerse Retrieve Multiple Message using Plugins

A couple of days ago we run into a strange issue on our environment on the the Queue Items view, where we have a column that displays the email description and instead of normally viewing the email description as plain text , it has been now shown as HTML tags which makes it impossible toContinue reading “Intercepting DataVerse Retrieve Multiple Message using Plugins”

DataVerse: Model Drive App: Open Custom Page as Model from Ribbon

Open a Model Dialog from DataVerse / Dynamics 365 Ribbon has always been a common requirement to overcome existing OTB Dialogs like Close Opportunity , Deactivate Record where we always wanted to include one or more custom fields. This feature is now becoming very handy and pretty easy … compared to the old methods tryingContinue reading “DataVerse: Model Drive App: Open Custom Page as Model from Ribbon”

DataVerse Quick Tips#2: Trouble Shoot insufficient Permission Message

Have you ever been presented with a weird permission issue but you were unable to really get what is the real permission issue is and wonder why life sometimes is too complicated? You do not have {0} permissions to access {1} records. It would be very simple and approachable if you can get to knowContinue reading “DataVerse Quick Tips#2: Trouble Shoot insufficient Permission Message”

Saving a note attachment to Azure Blob storage and Viewing it on PowerApps Portals

I have been Exploring with Olena (https://msolenacrm.blog/) how to enable the azure storage on PowerApps portals and she has figure out and detailed on her article how to enable azure blob storage on PowerApps portal so when a note is uploaded from portal it is saved to Azure blob storage and that’s worked perfectly fineContinue reading “Saving a note attachment to Azure Blob storage and Viewing it on PowerApps Portals”

Display SharePoint Document Library on PowerApps Portal

So Simply I got this question today on the community forums and I actually liked the idea what if we do not want to enable sharepoint document integration with DataVerse and we have a PowerApps portals which is always connected to DataVerse and we want Simply to display a Sharepoint Document Library.. So the IdeaContinue reading “Display SharePoint Document Library on PowerApps Portal”

How to – Hide and show controls in Canvas App based on security role of the user (Dataverse / Dynamics 365)

Originally posted on Nishant Rana's Weblog:
Suppose we have the below Maker and Checker Canvas App, with two button one for raising the request and the other for approving and rejecting the request. We have below custom security roles created in our Dynamics 365 Maker Checker Here we want Submit a Request button to…

Environment Variables in Flows as Parameters

#powerautomate #environmentvariables I have written a blog post earlier about the using of environment variables to store global environment settings and while I was looking to use it the same way I have described in my blog Post. GUESS What I HAVE found! They are directly Exposed as Parameters in my flow and can beContinue reading “Environment Variables in Flows as Parameters”

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