Building Flows #4: Send Multiple Attachments from OneDrive to Outlook

This blog article describes in a few lines how to send multiple attachments from a one drive folder to outlook in less than 5 minutes. List the files in a folder and select the folder from which you wan to send the attachments, and Initialize and array variable called Attachments Array as below: 2. ThenContinue reading “Building Flows #4: Send Multiple Attachments from OneDrive to Outlook”

Building Flows # 3: Grouping in a Power Automate

One of the common business scenarios that we see in everyday and I have seen many questions on the community forums about this one which is how to do grouping in Power Automate, So a common example you have a sharepoint list, Excel Sheet, DataVerse table and you need to send a consolidated email ofContinue reading “Building Flows # 3: Grouping in a Power Automate”

Power Automate: Quick Tips #2: Useful Date Expressions

Power automate is provide a cool function which is StartOfMonth which gets the first day of a month and it is a very cool function but they did not provide the Last Day of Month. To get the Last day of the previous month use the below expression: To get Last day of current MonthContinue reading “Power Automate: Quick Tips #2: Useful Date Expressions”

Building Flow #2: DataVerse: Get Optionset Label

One of the nice topics is how you can get the Optionset( dropdown) Label in a Flow using the DataVerse Connector, so usually when you Get a row by Id and you want to get the label of the Optionset field and you use the field directly then you get the value and not theContinue reading “Building Flow #2: DataVerse: Get Optionset Label”

Building Flows #1 : Check if Item Exist and Update if Exists

I will be starting on a serious of Building flows blog articles for beginners and for topics that is frequently asked while working on the power users community forums. A common requirement will be that you are loading items from Source X to Destination Y, while you do not want to create Duplicates in DestinationContinue reading “Building Flows #1 : Check if Item Exist and Update if Exists”

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