CDS(Current Environment) – Get Trigger Action from Main Trigger

This is a very quick simple one but yet has its business scenarios where it might fit in…

Say we have a flow that runs on the Trigger Condition, When a record is created, Updated or deleted.

But we need to Get Exactly which Trigger Condition has the flow run on:

  1. Create
  2. Update
  3. Delete

Well that was an easy one…. i thought it is on the body somewhere so i run the flow with a simple compose data operation to just log thetriggerOutputs()?[‘body’] and as I exactly Expected it is there

So to get the value for further processing , just add it in a variable or compose Data Operations as below :


And by running the flow I get the trigger Operation.

Hope this is helpful!

One thought on “CDS(Current Environment) – Get Trigger Action from Main Trigger

  1. Thank you for this! Related question: I need to work into my newsletter flow a condition that checks which option in a CDS option field is currently active in that record. If it is Yes, the flow continues. If No, it stops. Could you please suggest how to modify your expression from this article to perform the conditional check? Thank you!


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