Power Automate Quick Tips #4: Error Loading Control

Below is one of the common issues that has been reported recently on the Power Automate Community; After clicking on any form variable or trying to create one/create an expression, the component collapses with this error message. So the easy fix to it is to Turn off Experimental Features, To do so please follow theContinue reading “Power Automate Quick Tips #4: Error Loading Control”

Building Flows # 3: Grouping in a Power Automate

One of the common business scenarios that we see in everyday and I have seen many questions on the community forums about this one which is how to do grouping in Power Automate, So a common example you have a sharepoint list, Excel Sheet, DataVerse table and you need to send a consolidated email ofContinue reading “Building Flows # 3: Grouping in a Power Automate”

Power Automate: Quick Tips #2: Useful Date Expressions

Power automate is provide a cool function which is StartOfMonth which gets the first day of a month and it is a very cool function but they did not provide the Last Day of Month. To get the Last day of the previous month use the below expression: To get Last day of current MonthContinue reading “Power Automate: Quick Tips #2: Useful Date Expressions”

Invoke D365 OTB word templates from Power Automate

One of the nice features available out of the box is the ability to generate Word Templates in an easy way while using customer engagement apps (Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Dynamics 365 Field Service, Dynamics 365 Marketing, and Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation). But not usually you need to generate or useContinue reading “Invoke D365 OTB word templates from Power Automate”

Power Automate: Quick Tips # 1: Date Difference Function

A frequent requirement is to calculate the difference between 2 dates in power automate, This can be achieved easily in power automate with the help of the Ticks function. Definition :- ticks(timestamp: string) – Returns the number of ticks (100 nanoseconds interval) since 1 Jan 1601  00:00:00 UT To get the difference in days between 2Continue reading “Power Automate: Quick Tips # 1: Date Difference Function”

Save and Retrieve DataVerse Email Attachments in a Canvas App and Power automate -(Saving attachments) Part 2

On part 1 of this article , I have explained how to pass the attachments from the canvas app to power automate; In this part will be explaining in details how to save an attachments to an Email DataVerse record. We have explained in part 1 that we are passing attachments collection as first parameterContinue reading “Save and Retrieve DataVerse Email Attachments in a Canvas App and Power automate -(Saving attachments) Part 2”

Power Automate: Get Attachment from a File Field Type in CDS and send as Email

The new field in CDS is a very nice feature and looks really cool! Here is how it created in CDS entity: On your CDS entity click on Add Field 2. Add the Field Name and Select Data Type File and then add the field to your form This is how it looks on yourContinue reading “Power Automate: Get Attachment from a File Field Type in CDS and send as Email”

Power Automate: Send approval email to external customer

#Power automate #Approvals #External Guests Approvals in power automate are very nice interactive feature to process requests and documents! They can be integrated with CDS, SharePoint online and Onedrive. Here is a link to creation of Approvals walk-though when an item is created in a sharepoint list! https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-automate/modern-approvals What about sending Approval to External GuestsContinue reading “Power Automate: Send approval email to external customer”

Error while Creating SharePoint File

INVALID Template ! This is a very weird error message that happens usually with sharepoint connections for a very unknown reason , i tried removing and re-adding the Step , it did not work , i tried Changing the Connection and Re-authenticating but it didn’t work as well. The only Possible solution is to RecreateContinue reading “Error while Creating SharePoint File”

Create SharePoint File through Power automate

Have you ever run into an issue while create a sharepoint file using Flow ! The issue is that you see the file created in sharepoint and it can be attached and viewed in Emails; however it can’t be opened through sharepoint and when you try to download an Open it it gives the belowContinue reading “Create SharePoint File through Power automate”

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