Error while Creating SharePoint File

INVALID Template ! This is a very weird error message that happens usually with sharepoint connections for a very unknown reason , i tried removing and re-adding the Step , it did not work , i tried Changing the Connection and Re-authenticating but it didn’t work as well. The only Possible solution is to RecreateContinue reading “Error while Creating SharePoint File”

Create SharePoint File through Power automate

Have you ever run into an issue while create a sharepoint file using Flow ! The issue is that you see the file created in sharepoint and it can be attached and viewed in Emails; however it can’t be opened through sharepoint and when you try to download an Open it it gives the belowContinue reading “Create SharePoint File through Power automate”

CDS and Multiselect Optionset

You have created a multi select option set in your CDS entity and trying to retrieve the value of this Option set in Flow but you can’t see the field in the returned list of fields from the Get Record action…Even when adding an Update record step you can’t find the field and of courseContinue reading “CDS and Multiselect Optionset”

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