DataVerse Quick Tips#3: Enable/ Disable Plugin Steps all at once

In more than one situation where you are performing data updates for a large set of data you need to disable all plugin steps and then re-enable it. So using SQL CDS for XRMToolbox and use the below scripts to enable / disable the Plugin Steps: Install XrmToolBox (¬†and the SQL 4 CDS tool (…/)Continue reading “DataVerse Quick Tips#3: Enable/ Disable Plugin Steps all at once”

Dynamics 365 + DataVerse Insert Dynamic Email Template

Creating email templates helps you save time and increase productivity while sending the same email style by having some of the information prefilled , There is Out of the box shipped email templates with Dynamics 365 but it has a lot of limitations when it comes to the dynamics parameters in your template which makesContinue reading “Dynamics 365 + DataVerse Insert Dynamic Email Template”

Invoke D365 OTB word templates from Power Automate

One of the nice features available out of the box is the ability to generate Word Templates in an easy way while using customer engagement apps (Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Dynamics 365 Field Service, Dynamics 365 Marketing, and Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation). But not usually you need to generate or useContinue reading “Invoke D365 OTB word templates from Power Automate”

Integrate Microsoft Teams with CDS Model Driven Apps

Integrating Microsoft Teams with CDS entities is really useful features , so users on a specific Teams Channel can collaborate on a specific record and all shared documents can be automatically linked to the Teams channel and the CDS record. So let’s start by enabling the Integration: Go to Settings -> Administration-> System Settings 2.Continue reading “Integrate Microsoft Teams with CDS Model Driven Apps”

Update Existing Word Templates in Dynamics 356

I have run into an issue that i have generated a word template using OTB feature of Dynamics 365 as per this link: and after i finished and deployed the template which was a big one , the Client requested to reflect newly added fields in the template and of course what i hadContinue reading “Update Existing Word Templates in Dynamics 356”

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