Working with Image and File Types in Dataverse(CDS)

Image and File Column Data Types are great addition to the Dataverse (CDS) but I found it a little bit hard and tricky to deal with them using power automate so I will be detailing below how to deal with them in terms of: 1. Uploading an Image , a common scenario when it isContinue reading “Working with Image and File Types in Dataverse(CDS)”

Power Automate: Get Attachment from a File Field Type in CDS and send as Email

The new field in CDS is a very nice feature and looks really cool! Here is how it created in CDS entity: On your CDS entity click on Add Field 2. Add the Field Name and Select Data Type File and then add the field to your form This is how it looks on yourContinue reading “Power Automate: Get Attachment from a File Field Type in CDS and send as Email”

CDS and Multiselect Optionset

You have created a multi select option set in your CDS entity and trying to retrieve the value of this Option set in Flow but you can’t see the field in the returned list of fields from the Get Record action…Even when adding an Update record step you can’t find the field and of courseContinue reading “CDS and Multiselect Optionset”

Populate a word document using Power Automate

Generating word templates using Microsoft Online Word Connector for Flow has made it easy to generate your complex word templates without the need of a third party application! So Let’s Go ! Building the Word Template: So i will be making an Time sheet / Time Entries Template …Simple template and can also be generatedContinue reading “Populate a word document using Power Automate”

Querying CDS Using SQL Queries !

#CDS#SQL#MFAThis is a newly introduced feature is still in Preview Mode and it enables access to read-only data in common data services end point.Also note that it might not be rolled out to all regions yet.So lets get Started!First of all you need to check if this featured has been enabled on your organization ,Continue reading “Querying CDS Using SQL Queries !”

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