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Power Automate w Word Online: generate document updates

Update generated word template

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My client generates a summary document for applications lodged online. The generated summary could be manually edited by an officer. At the final stage of the application processing, it’s required to include additional information to the generated summary document regarding the outcome of the application. This information must be dynamically generated.

This is a process diagram below:

Multi-step document generation

As you can see, the dynamic content for a document is generated twice: once during the document creation and a second time we update the existing document to add blocks of information that are not available at the earlier phase.

The solution:

We are going to use Power Automate with Word Online (Business) connector to generate and update the summary document.

There is an article explaining how to prepare the template and discussing some limitations of the connector:

Step 1. Prepare a document template.

We must add all…

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