Populating Word template with the CDS image field content via Flow (Power Automate)

Populate Image to Word Template

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This is a great video which helped me on a way: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1jsBllmr-w

However, in this video it takes image from OneDrive but I want to populate it from CDS image field.

  1. Add image control to a Word template. Watch video I referred above showing how to add controls step by step then come back for the image adding part.

Image control inside Word template.

2. This is my image store in CDS:

CDS image displayed on a Job form.

3. And a CDS field set up.

CDS image field setup.

4. And now Flow:

Get record CDS connector action to retrieve the record with image.

Populate Word template action with the image control placeholder and compose output content.

Here JobDescription and JobImage are fields of a Job entity.

5. A bit of actions outputs to see how image is stored:

Get record CDS connector action

Image string in the output…

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