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Power Automate: Share Record using Unbound Action

Sharing Records in CDS/ Dynamics CDS automatically based on a specific action??!!! we used to write Custom Workflow Activity or some kind of plugin to Achieve it which may take some hours to develop deploy and Fix.

Well ! NO CODE 1 Step workflow can achieve this!

  1. By using the Common Data Services ( Current Environment) -> Select Perform Unbound Action

2. Choose Grant Access

3. Now the Target should be  entitylogicalname-plurarl(recordid) or entitylogicalname-plurarl/recordid , record if will be pulled from the Dynamic Contents Property

4. PrincipalAccess which needs to be in JSON format, which will include user or team to which the access will be provided and the Access Mask for the Privilege they will be given.

Principal Access for Team:


Principal Access for User:

"Principal" : 

Below is the list of Access Masks that can be used:

None0No access.
ReadAccess1The right to read the specified type of record.
WriteAccess2The right to update the specified record.
AppendAccess4The right to append the specified record to another object.
AppendToAccess16The right to append another record to the specified object.
CreateAccess32The right to create a record.
DeleteAccess65536The right to delete the specified record.
ShareAccess262144The right to share the specified record.
AssignAccess524288The right to assign the specified record to another user or team.

Happy No-Coding!


5 thoughts on “Power Automate: Share Record using Unbound Action

  1. Hi,
    I am trying to do same with one of my Office 365 MS Teams, but getting error message. Does team need to be add in environment and then do the actions?


  2. Reblogged this on Kokulan’s Blog and commented:
    The post is bit old but still relevant. Need a no code solution to automatically share a record? Use GrantAccess Dataverse unbound action in Power Automate to share a record. Thanks Nishant Rana for re blogging this post.


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