Integrate Microsoft Teams with CDS Model Driven Apps

Integrating Microsoft Teams with CDS entities is really useful features , so users on a specific Teams Channel can collaborate on a specific record and all shared documents can be automatically linked to the Teams channel and the CDS record.

So let’s start by enabling the Integration:

  1. Go to Settings -> Administration-> System Settings

2. Set Enable Basic Microsoft Teams Integration to Yes , You will get a confirmation message click Ok …you will be prompted with a message to wait for a few minutes till this process is complete.

3. After enabling Basic Integration, set Enable Enhanced Integration to Yes, this option will be turned off until you have enabled Basic Integration. Click Ok

4. You will be asked to login to your account and consent on behalf of your organization.

5. It will take a few minutes till the Process is complete

Next Go To Microsoft Teams and start installing Dynamics 365 App:

  1. Go to your Team or Create a new team and select a specific channel.

You will see the Posts, Files (which connects to sharepoint Library) and you will see the + sign , click on it and add the Dynamics 365 Tab.

2. Select your environment and the Dynamics 365 App you want to interact with and click Select.

3. Now select the entity you want to collaborate on and the view and click Save.

4. This will load all the active projects view in your teams channel as below

5. But what if you want to Collaborate on a specific Record, So for my Example I have a new project called Teams Projects and i want to link it to a new channel so i created a new channel called Teams Project.

So go to channel and click on Add Tab and add the Dynamics 365 Tab , the same way we did on step 2.

6. This time choose your recently created project , you will find it once it there now.

7. It will then ask you about the members that you want to collaborate with on this Project, Select the Members and click Save.

8. And Voila you can see the record opened directly in your channel

9. Add files on the File Tab on Teams , Now go to your Dynamics 365 App, Open you Project from Project Service App and you will see the document you have uploaded in Teams on Related -> Documents Tab on your CDS Record.

Also from Inside Dynamics 365 / CDS App you can see the collaborate option enabled.

Click on it and it can let you get connected to the Existing Connected channel or Create a new Connection and once you click Start Collaboration Button it redirects you to the Microsoft Teams Channel.

Note: if you have enabled sharepoint documents integration and you have enabled collaboration on a specific record it overrides the default document library location of the record with the Teams SharePoint Library.


Hope you like it and find it useful!

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