CDS and Multiselect Optionset

You have created a multi select option set in your CDS entity and trying to retrieve the value of this Option set in Flow but you can’t see the field in the returned list of fields from the Get Record action…Even when adding an Update record step you can’t find the field and of course you have published your customization!

Here is the Get Record Step from the common data services connector

And i am adding a simple compose data step to set the value of the option set in it ; But i can’t find the field in the list of returned properties.

What to suspect here?

The CDS connector? Yes the CDS Connector is the issue, So i went back and tried the CDS Current.

Then added the Compose Step as below and i could found the field:

Go ahead and test the flow and here is the output of the compose step, comma separated list of the multi-select option set values!

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